This documentation is currently incomplete, but feel free to contribute!

To make life easy, the gaze command-line tool can be used to manage the full stack of media center services. Usage can be seen using the following command:

gaze --help

The gaze command-line tool also supports overriding various default runtime arguments using environment variables. Sane defaults have been chosen so you shouldn't need to, but if you do:

  • GAZECTL_NAMESPACE - The Docker Namespace of the gazectl container (default: monokal).
  • GAZECTL_IMAGE - The Docker Image of the gazectl container (default: gazectl).
  • GAZECTL_VERSION - The Docker Image Tag of the gazectl container (default: latest).
  • GAZECTL_SOCKET - The Docker socket of the host (default: /var/run/docker.sock).
  • GAZECTL_VOLUMES - Path to the Docker Volumes mountpoint on the host (default: /var/lib/docker/volumes).
  • GAZECTL_UPDATE - Ensure we're running the latest version of Gaze Control (default: true)